Raygun Gothic Rocketship

Raygun Gothic Rocketship by davidyuweb
Raygun Gothic Rocketship, a photo by davidyuweb on Flickr.

It was a very lucky snap moment in the morning after the rain in here with that man did enjoy looking at this Raygun Gothic Rocketship as I did :-)… The water reflection is kinda nice touch in the frame of this shot. I hope you do enjoy it. Please visit S.F. when you can… j/k.. there always something to see in here or with some fun events… did I say the B2B event last weekend ? šŸ™‚ Have a good one my friends!

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About David Yu

Thanks so much for taking time out to visit my personal photography web site!!! I try to get out and photograph the San Francisco bay area street parades,fairs,landscape scenery, and some pageant events as often as I can. The San Francisco bay area has many multi-cultural events all year long and it is a very beautiful city from all aspect!!! Most of the photos are taken in public areas, and if you see yourself in one of my galleries and would like to have your image removed, please contact me and I will take it down immediately. I would like to respect your privacy. A little bit about myself; I am David Yu, a.k.a. Yuman- but my best friends call me "Little Fish" (it is a Chinese thing). :) My passion for photography consumes my weekends and what little free time I have. I am drawn to the rich multi-culture of the Bay Area, and I love to shoot the various parades and street fairs in the city. Over the years there have been some improvements in my work, but I'm inspired by the diverse cultural mix of San Francisco to better my artistic vision. I hope you will enjoy my lucky snap moments, and thanks so much of your visits!!! All Images Copyright Ā© David Yu Photography. All Rights Reserved. Please contact me before use in any publication.
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One Response to Raygun Gothic Rocketship

  1. Jasmine Lee says:

    David! I never knew you had a blog!! Thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚

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